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BCS Preli, Written and Viva Exam Syllabus

BCS Preli Exam Syllabus

The BCS exam has three phases. First, you have to pass the Preliminary test, then you have to face the final written exam. If you pass the written exam, you will be finally selected for the viva exam.

So, what should you study for the BCS Preli test? Here is the syllabus for that.

Now let’s get an idea about the mark distribution.

  • Bengali Language and Literature – 35
  • English Language and Literature – 35
  • Bangladesh Affairs – 30
  • International Affairs – 20
  • Geography, Environment and Disaster Management – 10
  • General Science – 15
  • Computer and Information Technology – 15
  • Mathematical Reasoning – 15
  • Mental Ability – 15
  • Ethics, Values and Good governance – 10

Total = 200 marks

Some important points about BCS Preliminary Test

There are a few things that you should know about the BCS Preli test.

  • Candidates have to face a preliminary test of 200 marks. This test will only have Multiple Choice Questions or MCQ and the total allotted time will be 2 hours.
  • There will be a total of 200 questions in this test. For each correct answer, a candidate will get 1 mark, but there is a negative marking system. For each incorrect answer, a candidate will face a 0.5 mark deduction from the whole marks.
  • BCS Preli test’s MCQ answer sheet is confidential. It will be not shown to any candidates, not even marks. 
  • You cannot challenge for re-examining your Preli exam result. 
  • There is no fixed pass mark for the BCS Preli test. The exam commission reserves the right to take any decision regarding this.
  • If any candidate writes his/her registration number unclear on the answer sheet or cannot fill circles clearly, the candidate will be disqualified from the test. 

BCS Written Exam Syllabus

In the second phase, after passing the BCS Preli test, you have to face the written exam total of 900 marks. For both, general and professional/technical cadre, the total marks will be 900. Here is the detail mark distribution.

For General Cadre

  • Bengali – 200
  • English – 200
  • Bangladesh Affairs – 200
  • International Affairs – 100
  • Analytical Mathematics and Mental Ability Test – 100
  • General Science and Technology – 100

Total = 900 marks

For Professional/Technical Cadre

  • Bengali – 100
  • English – 200
  • Bangladesh Affairs – 200
  • International Affairs – 100
  • Analytical Mathematics and Mental Ability Test – 100
  • Relevant Subjects for Related Designation or Service – 100

Total = 900 marks

Note: For language-related subjects like Bengali and English, you have to write the answers in a particular language. For other subjects, you can write in Bengali or English. But if a question includes any special condition, then you must need to follow that accordingly.

BCS Viva Exam

Though the BCS written exam has a total of 900 marks, there are additional 200 marks for the viva exam. Both candidates for general and professional/technical cadre have to face the viva exam. So, the total mark is actually 1100.

PDF Download: BCS Preli, Written and Viva Syllabus 

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